Follow Up Session

Craniosacral Therapy Follow-up Visit

In a Craniosacral therapy session your body has likely undergone some soft tissue releases and realignment, and needs time to become accustomed to this new improvement. Avoid extreme exercise or activities that tax your energy and healing resources as you are processing, “recalibrating” to move in a new neutral alignment with your body.

Do realize energies not serving your highest purpose have been released during your treatment session. Your body is working to reconnect and improve communications within your nervous system. During a session, the body releases stagnant, congested, stuck energies within its energy cellular network. And as a result, processing by the Central Nervous System then takes place over the next few days where you may feel a particular emotion, have a spontaneous memory and or have vivid dreams. Sometimes there is body soreness and head pain, which feels different from a headache. These are all normal and pass rather quickly, within a few days for most people.

In the immediate days after treatment you may still be aware of your body processing the changes that began during your session.  Often a new layer of awareness becomes evident, and symptoms start to diminish. Conditions, ailments and overall wellbeing start to become a new reality of your health.

After each session there is processing, and after each session you get one step closer to optimal homeostasis and physical wellness. After the second or third session Dr. Kaminsky starts to recommend in-home activities that will benefit the sessions by nourishing the corrective process your body is going through. The more you adhere to the self-care, in-home activities the smoother and faster is your healing process will be.

Specific breathing techniques are recommended, and many other aspects of self-care are introduced gradually for your benefit.

At-home activities are meant to add synergy to the in-office sessions, as well as offer opportunity for you to facilitate your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Dr. Kaminsky will show you easy to follow components of self-care craniosacral therapy and energy body work you can administer on yourself. The body has an innate ability to heal and stay improved with the right approach.

If it is a young child or baby that has received treatment their sleeping patterns can change, so don’t be alarmed if they take a long nap, or sleep through the night if this isn’t typical.  Like adults they are processing and improving.

Feel free to email, text or call with any questions.