Wim Hof, Cold Plunge Third Year Experience by Dr. Kaminsky of NYC

Cold Plunge: February 2024 is three years since I have made the decision to make cold water immersion part of my life. I was inspired by the Ice Man himself, Wim Hof, seeing him on some reality show sparked my interest. Wim Hof is a Dutch fanatic of the ice-cold full body immersion therapy, with an interesting life story. The Cold Plunge, as it is known, is a full body dip into very cold water usually in a specially designed barrel, tub, pool or large modified freezer; if you don’t have the luxury of living near a natural body of water that is cold enough to facilitate this therapeutic value upon your body. The water must be cold enough to facilitate a physiological bodily response. Anywhere from 52* degree Fahrenheit to 33* degree Fahrenheit. This is a very large range, and the colder spectrum should be practiced by acclimated [...]

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Gentle Baby Therapy by Dr. Alex Kaminsky

What is baby therapy? The way to understand it, baby therapy in our office is hands-on gentle treatment that can change the current lack of perfect health a newborn is experiencing. Be it inability to properly latch, reflux, colic, constipation, gassiness, torticollis, poor sleep pattern, tongue / lip tie, cranial asymmetry, or any other slew of presentations a new baby may be experiencing. Dr. Kaminsky is a chiropractor with pediatric training with many years of experience who works with infants as new as one week, all the way up to any age. The care he provides is non-force, no cracking gentle chiropractic and baby attuned hands-on craniosacral therapy as the predominant modality administered with babies. The reason babies have issues can be due to many factors, including the actual birth. The birthing process is a traumatic experience in itself. Coming into a new environment, being squeezed through the birth canal, [...]

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Tongue and Lip Tie-Frenectomy

The process or correcting tongue and lip ties dates back to the 18th century when midwives would commonly perform a frenectomy, cutting the frenulum, with their sharp fingernail. This practice become common place among doctors of the time as well as a recommendation for infants with feeding difficulty, though the surgical tool was upgraded to a sharp piece of wood or knife.  Fast-forward to the 21st century and while the practice as seen many necessary changes, the procedure is still conducted regularly. The most common reason a frenectomy is performed is to improve and prolong breastfeeding in infants.  What is a Tongue & Lip Tie? Tongue and lip ties are both associated with unusually short or tight frenulum, the small band of connective tissue that connects anatomical structures to one another. They are most commonly identified in infants due to poor feeding. In the case of a tongue tie, also [...]

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Why Craniosacral Therapy is the Best Option for Tongue Tie in Children

Why Craniosacral Therapy is the Best Option for Tongue Tie in Children   Chances are you’ve likely heard the term tongue tie whether you’ve experienced it first-hand or not. You’ve also either seen a chiropractor for yourself or know someone who has received chiropractic care. Did you know these two can, and in many cases should go together. Chiropractic and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) can be a highly effective and non-invasive means to correcting an infant’s tongue tie and improving many of their early life experiences. Craniosacral Therapy for nursing mothers can also offer great benefit, including lactation benefits.   What is Craniosacral Therapy Cranial sacral therapy (CST) is a hands-on bodywork system developed by Dr. John Upledger, that releases tightness and compression in the tissues of the tongue, jaw, mouth, head, upper neck, spine, pelvis and other structures. It is noninvasive, your chiropractor uses gentle pressure on the neck, head, [...]

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What is a Chiropractic Subluxation?

What is a Chiropractic Subluxation? Central to the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic is the Subluxation. The meaning of a subluxation as defined by the chiropractic profession is not necessarily completely understood by the people seeking chiropractic care. Nor is the term utilized in the same manner by medical doctors to portray the same meaning of the word. Therefore, a more complete explanation can shed light on this misunderstood concept the whole chiropractic profession is based on, within the context of the English language, and more so within the healthcare delivery system. Perhaps another way to think about this word is to understand that within the umbrella term “Alternative Medicine”, a profession like Chiropractic can have an alternative meaning to the same word. “Subluxation”. A subluxation is a mechanical disturbance and or misalignment of the spinal column, not necessarily visible on X-rays, that disrupts the functioning of your nervous [...]

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Why Chiropractic is America’s Alternative Medicine for Children

You have likely visited a Chiropractor or know someone that has for consultation or adjustments. How many of those are children? That number is quite possibly very small, especially when compared to the adult population. While Chiropractic visits are becoming more common among every segment of the population they are still primarily considered an alternative practice for children. Why is Chiropractic medicine viewed as alternative medicine for children? Especially when there are numerous studies and first-hand experience showing the efficacy of Chiropractic treatments for common childhood conditions like tongue tie, colic, reflux, torticollis, scoliosis, ear infections and many others. What To Know About Pediatric Chiropractic Many chiropractic practitioners will tell you that continuing chiropractic pediatric education is key to treating children. It is important to understand children’s bodies, proper contact techniques and the depth to which you provide the hands-on care. While children have the same joints they are not [...]

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Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Scoliosis is one of those medical conditions that most people have heard of, but don’t know much about. In short, it is a condition where the spine is curved sideways, typically in the shape of an ‘S’ or a ‘C’ and effects approximately 7 million Americans. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is scoliosis that occurs in patients between the age of 10 and 18 years of age and also goes by the name adolescent scoliosis. AIS occurs in 3 to 4 out of every 1,000 children. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Cause & Locations The term idiopathic denotes that a cause is unknown for the specific condition or disease with which it is referring. There are some forms of scoliosis with known causes, but the most common type of scoliosis that occurs in adolescents is idiopathic in that it has no known direct medical cause. While there are no known causes of idiopathic [...]

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Craniosacral Therapy and Schroth for Scoliosis Treatment: How Does It Work?

Do you know what scoliosis is? Did you know that girls have a higher incidence of scoliosis than boys? The literature states that adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) occurs in 0.47% to 5.2% of teenagers. This report goes on to say that the cause of scoliosis is unknown in 80% of the cases. Some think this results from the central nervous system's or the body’s inability to maintain internal functions. It might also occur in those who have trouble with proprioception. Proprioception describes the ability to feel where your body parts are located. There are many different treatment options for scoliosis. Keep reading to learn about the Schroth method. What Is Scoliosis? The definition of scoliosis is a deviation or curve of the spine greater than 10 degrees. AIS is the most common deformity of the spine found in healthy children over the age of 10 years. Scoliosis was first described [...]

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Craniosacral Therapy & Chiropractic Care for Yoga Injury in New York City

Craniosacral Therapy & Chiropractic Care for Yoga Injury in New York City Yoga’s roots go back 5000 years to ancient India involving and uniting principles of breathing, posture, and meditation, is believed to bring physiological and psychological benefits to practitioners.   Yoga has been embraced in modern Western culture as a form of exercise and stress reduction, characterized as a science of personal development of awareness through a series of specific asanas (body postures), pranayama (controlled breathing patterns), and meditation. However despite its many health benefits, yoga is definitely not the risk-free health panacea it is often promoted to be. With more and more people doing yoga worldwide, practitioners are seeing the benefits of the practice, but also its many risks: yoga injuries are on the rise. There are many potential causes of injury in yoga, and while it may be impossible to completely avoid injury, taking a [...]

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Sports Injury and the Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Sports Injury and the Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy Staying active is a great way to maintain a healthy body, but a lot of activity means a lot of opportunities to introduce your body to stress and fatigue. If you stay physically active, and particularly if you are an athlete, you may often suffer from aches, pains, and soreness.  Those aches and pains may fade naturally, but for athletes who can’t afford to take several rest days, minor aches and pains can become a serious sports injury. Because practices, workouts, and games are so physically demanding, athletes must take proper care to ensure they are preparing their body for high levels of performance and rapid recovery. The numerous demands of sports and exercising can result in sprains, strains, and minor muscle tears - commonly striking those just starting out and simply ‘over do it’.  However, participation in sports or [...]

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Why Chiropractic is the Best Choice for Treating Neck Pain

When it comes to neck pain treatment sometimes the number of choices available to patients can be overwhelming. Adding to this confusion is that no one treatment has been found to be effective in all cases. Furthermore, no treatment is without risks and many of the common treatments carry additional risks that most people do not fully comprehend. Another factor which adds difficulty in choosing the best neck pain treatment option is that neck pain is different for each person. Some people wake up with neck pain or neck stiffness, others have neck pain related to an injury, and still others are unsure of the exact cause of their neck pain. In many of these cases patients turn to pharmaceuticals such as anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Aspirin) or muscle relaxers. These drugs only provide temporary benefits and still leave those suffering from neck pain with no real permanent solution. Chiropractic is [...]

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Craniosacral Therapy and Chiropractic for Torticollis Care

Fixed Torticollis: Is defined as an abnormal position of the head from an organic shortening of the muscles. The head is held continuously in the same position by one side of the neck muscle that is shorter. Therefore, the natural range of motion of a muscle is unable to behave normally and at its full range. How do muscles become shortened, you may ask? When muscles contract, the muscle fibers shorten, which increases tension in the muscle. The tendons shorten resulting in reduced flexibility. Congenital Torticollis: The most common cause of infant torticollis is congenital torticollis. It is when the infant is born with the condition, or diagnosed slightly after. It will sometimes go away with time. The condition may improve faster if your child receives craniosacral therapy, skilled therapy, and appropriate pediatric chiropractic treatments for torticollis to address their neck muscles. There are also a lot of exercises that [...]

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