Doctor Gay Hendricks is a psychologist as well as writer and teacher of personal growth, relationships, and body intelligence. He is now better known as “The Breathing Coach” and has many written works, over 35, and is best known for developing his unique conscious breathing exercises. Since earning his doctorate in psychology and teaching at the University of Colorado, Hendricks founded The Hendricks Institute. Hendrick’s breathing techniques are founded on the belief that the body has intelligence it wants to share and tuning into this intelligence is crucial in living a balanced and fulfilled life.

In his work, Conscious Breathing, Dr. Hendricks reveals how specific and focused breathing exercises can improve energy, increase physical health, and bring about better mental clarity. Hendricks’ breathing technique is divided into two parts; the Yes Breath and the Centering Breath.

The Yes Breath is referred to in this way because those who have practiced method explain the experience as the whole body saying “yes.” This breath method is essentially the natural way to breath that Hendricks expresses is lost throughout life due to desk jobs, tight clothing, and trauma both physical and psychological. Breathing under stress becomes abnormal as the spine is stiffened and stomach muscles become tense.

The Centering Breath is often referred to as the “reset button.” The individual practicing this breathing method breaths slowly and waits several seconds until the body signals that it needs another breath. This breath is perfect for anyone who feels “off-center” and needs a moment to realign themselves, often when in or coming out of stressful situations.

Some Conscious Breathing exercisers claim health outcome such as avoiding the common cold. This could be due to the negative impact that stress has on the immune system. Other positive health outcomes to this method include lowered blood pressure, reduced pain, addiction relief, asthma treatment, and depression and anxiety relief. The Breathing Box is a kit developed by the Hendrick’s Institute that walks participants through these breathing methods and helps them master them in just 4 weeks. All these results can happen by practicing Conscious Breathing just 10 minutes a day.