Fibromyalgia Treatment in New York City

An estimated 4 million adults in the U.S. have fibromyalgia, a severely debilitating condition identified by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, memory and attention difficulties, among other symptoms.   It negatively affects the quality of life as the symptoms include chronic widespread pain, severe headaches, and muscle cramps. Often people suffering from fibromyalgia have depression, obesity and addictions to drugs and alcohol which may lead to even more health problems like liver failure, kidney stones, ovarian cysts etc. It is better to start the fibromyalgia treatments for pain as early as possible in order to have better results and to choose natural methods in order to decrease the intake of medications.

The root causes of fibromyalgia is attributed to a dysfunction of nerve signals, hormones, or spinal fluid pressure.  A study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers – collaborating with a team at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden – has documented for the first time widespread inflammation in the brains of patients with fibromyalgia. Their report has been published online in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity.  Finding objective neurochemical changes in the brains of patients with fibromyalgia should help reduce the persistent stigma that many patients face, often being told their symptoms are imaginary and there’s nothing really wrong with them.

A natural and non-invasive fibromyalgia treatment for pain is Craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy improves the quality of life of patients with fibromyalgia, reducing their perception of pain and fatigue and improving their night rest and mood, reducing anxiety levels, and potentially improving the depressive state.  Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive treatment focusing on the link between the cranium (or head), and sacrum (the bone at the base of your spine) addressing abnormalities of fluid along with membranes connected to both the cranium and sacrum. Because Craniosacral Therapy centers on all the structures involved with fibromyalgia (the head, spine, muscles, fascia (connective tissue), and nerves – Craniosacral Therapy is well founded and positioned to effectively treat fibromyalgia.

Importance of the Nervous System and Fibromyalgia

The nervous system controls everything in and out of your body. In Fibromyalgia, there are detrimental physiological restrictions your body needs to deal with and overcome.

Fibromyalgia is due to a disruption of the Central Nervous System caused by unresolved, unprocessed stored emotions. The restrictive onset and mechanism of impairment in physiology forms as a result of interaction, reaction, response, and lack of full processing of certain kinds of past emotions and traumas.

To your nervous system, trauma and emotions carry a certain energetic charge which gets stuck in the body and causes a disruption in the function of your nervous system and spinal subluxations that eventually leads to Fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Let Dr. Kaminsky work with you in achieving a release from your body this condition called fibromyalgia. Schedule your sessions and return your uncompromised life.

About Dr. Kaminsky & Craniosacral Therapy

Having a Chiropractic background since the year 2000, Dr. Kaminsky offers many methods of treatment with an emphasis on Craniosacral Therapy in NYC.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a method focusing on the link between the cranium (head) and sacrum (the second to last bone at the base of your spine), scientifically proven to work in unison to pump fluid throughout the body, an unknown disruption of which can cause many health issues.  The craniosacral mechanism pumps vital fluid called cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) through the body and in a sense energetically lubricates the joints, tissues, organs; basically all cells of the body. It is the driving force of all your body’s systems of function; including maintaining the tone of your muscles.

The Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) are surrounded with CSF generating energetic rhythmic impulses of fluid delicately pumping throughout your body’s parts “breathing” the movement of life. This measurable rhythm of moving fluid, like the heart rhythm, pulse rhythm, breathing rhythm is the foundational “blueprint” and primary principle of our real-time state of our health. 

Compromises of our rhythmic movements of fluid flow correlates to the impulse restrictions in the system which the body is unable to overcome or self-correct. This is the reason why we have “dis-ease”, symptoms, conditions, basically all ailments.  This is where the skill of an experienced craniosacral therapist becomes valuable.  By placing his or her hands on your body the practitioner can feel, detect, evaluate, and facilitate correction of these restrictive arrhythmic impulses.

The craniosacral therapist helps your rhythm restore and renew in compromised areas allowing for healing to take place of sensory, motor, musculoskeletal, neurological disorders, symptoms, conditions and pain.  To learn more, visit the other pages on this website. Call to schedule your healing treatment with Dr. Kaminsky.