Speech Delay & Impairment Treatment with Chiropractic Care in New York City

In 2018 the  Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics published a study by By Andrew Dorough DC titled, Early intervention: Improvement in motor developmental speech delay in a 2-year-old male following chiropractic care: a case report.

The objective was to document the improvements in a non-verbal 2-year-old male functioning without the age appropriate receptive language. At the start of his treatment he was unable to pronounce simple vowel sounds. 

The 2-year-old boy with apparent motor speech delay reported to the office for chiropractic care. This child was almost completely non-verbal and unable and or unwilling to articulate simple vowel sounds, simple words or word sounds. His expressive vocabulary consisted of 5-8 words that were poorly pronounced and he mainly communicated by crying and or bodily gestures. The child had seen no other professional for this condition nor had he received any treatment by another professional for this condition. 

The child received cervical and cranial chiropractic care for 7 visits over 8 weeks using digital vibration with hands (Gonstead technique) and Sigma-Instrument (instrument assisted) technique to correct cervical vertebral and atlanto-occipital segmental dysfunction. Throughout chiropractic care, the child showed steady progress in articulating vowel sounds, word sounds and simple words including pronunciation attempts upon reading words. Parents also report, subjectively, that child has become more “affectionate” and “loving”. 

An early intervening course of chiropractic care for the correction of cervical vertebral and atlanto-occipital bone subluxation were associated with improvement in the child’s presenting motor developmental speech delay.

Chiropractic care combined with craniosacral therapy plays an important role in treating children with developmental delays, including speech delays and speech impairments. Numerous studies have revealed proper development and function of the brain relies on proper structure and movement of the spine from an early age. Studies have documented not only that the developing brain relies on healthy structural integrity and joint movement, but that complex neurochemical communication and pathways required for healthy development are tied into spinal biomechanics and their related neurological pathways.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the structural relationship of the atlas (c-1) and axis (c-2) and the brain-stem. This critical area is important to every function of a person’s body. The Autonomic nervous system is controlled and regulated  in the brains-stem. If the top two bones in the neck have misaligned from their bio-mechanical normalcy then this can interfere with normal function of the body including speech development. The upper cervical complex is a unique joint complex protecting very sensitive parts of the nervous system namely the brain stem and the spinal cord with its corresponding nerve roots.

Spinal misalignment can occur due to accidents and injuries and these upper neck misalignments affect the all-important nervous system and cause system dysfunction that can lead to a variety of health problems including speech challenges. Realignment of the joint complex can have far reaching effects in improving speech. Properly correcting this area with gentle chiropractic and craniosacral therapy for pediatrics will have positive effects for improving speech. 

A comprehensive, facial, neck, head and intra-oral examination by a trained chiropractor can detect any cranial, spinal or soft tissue compromises, and with proper treatment can be corrected and speech improved.  Research demonstrates when a child suffers a misalignment in their upper neck the brain and nervous system is severely affected. Blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow is disrupted, leading to changes in the way the brain is actually functioning.

A gentle Upper Cervical correction of this misalignment changes the way the brain is working and restores proper mental function allowing symptoms to improve naturally and regains the ability to engage in speech. I commonly treat speech delays and impairment with a combination of Chiropractic care and Craniosacral therapy. Reach me if you would like to have a more in depth conversation how both of these treatments may be effective for you and or your child. 

About Dr. Kaminsky & Craniosacral Therapy

Having a Chiropractic background since the year 2000, Dr. Kaminsky offers many methods of treatment with an emphasis on Craniosacral Therapy in NYC.

Dr. Alex Kaminsky

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a method focusing on the link between the cranium (head) and sacrum (the second to last bone at the base of your spine), scientifically proven to work in unison to pump fluid throughout the body, an unknown disruption of which can cause many health issues.  The craniosacral mechanism pumps vital fluid called cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) through the body and in a sense energetically lubricates the joints, tissues, organs; basically all cells of the body. It is the driving force of all your body’s systems of function; including maintaining the tone of your muscles.

The Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) are surrounded with CSF generating energetic rhythmic impulses of fluid delicately pumping throughout your body’s parts “breathing” the movement of life. This measurable rhythm of moving fluid, like the heart rhythm, pulse rhythm, breathing rhythm is the foundational “blueprint” and primary principle of our real-time state of our health. 

Compromises of our rhythmic movements of fluid flow correlates to the impulse restrictions in the system which the body is unable to overcome or self-correct. This is the reason why we have “dis-ease”, symptoms, conditions, basically all ailments.  This is where the skill of an experienced craniosacral therapist becomes valuable.  By placing his or her hands on your body the practitioner can feel, detect, evaluate, and facilitate correction of these restrictive arrhythmic impulses.

The craniosacral therapist helps your rhythm restore and renew in compromised areas allowing for healing to take place of sensory, motor, musculoskeletal, neurological disorders, symptoms, conditions and pain.  To learn more, visit the other pages on this website. Call to schedule your healing treatment with Dr. Kaminsky.