First Visit for Crainosacral Therapy Treatment in New York City

What to Expect From Dr. Alex Kaminsky

If you’re like most people, your first visit with Dr. Alex Kaminsky will also be your first visit to a craniosacral therapy / pranic healing / chiropractic office where Dr. Kaminsky promises you’ll feel comfortable and well-treated through your entire visit. 

His intention is always your full recovery in the shortest amount of visits possible. Dr. Kaminsky gives it his best in order to help you begin your personal healing.  

Your First Appointment: New Patient Examination & History

At your first visit Dr. Kaminsky will go through your in-take forms, health history, and listen to you asking questions on all points of your symptoms, complaints and feelings of pain. You are a unique person whose body holds those falls we experienced in childhood all the way to doing work at our computers to the stress that comes with New York City.  Family medical history, pre-existing conditions, prior injuries, and current health providers and treatments are helpful to disclose.

Since pain may be originating at a source distant from your immediate discomfort, you will receive a clothed physical examination focusing on musculoskeletal, soft tissue and spinal alignment areas; and evaluation of your body’s energetic system, the Chakras, Meridian Points and Biofield / Aura.  These objective evaluation tools will be used to better assess your condition and engage in hands-on care, as well as establish a treatment plan.

The 10 Step Protocol is very often administered during the first session as it is a good way to establish repoire.

An evaluation of children is very comparable to that of adults but with the parent / guardian present.   One point of importance to understand is that Dr. Kaminsky may need to discuss additional aspects without the child’s presence as he does not like to discuss sensitive topics in front of the kids of cognizant age, not wanting to put any self-limiting ideas in your child’s mind. In this case, he will always make time later or the next day to speak via telephone about anything left unsaid during the initial visit. This does not change or take away from the same-day care of the child. Everything is always thoroughly explained and discussed. Dr. Kaminsky makes it a point to be in touch and communicate openly with the child and the parents.

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Craniosacral Therapy First Visit

In a Craniosacral therapy session your body has likely undergone some soft tissue releases and realignment, and needs time to become accustomed to this new posture.  Avoid extreme exercise or activities that tax your energy and healing resources as you may be “recalibrating” and re-learning to move in a new neutral alignment with your body.  

Do realize body chemicals and materials have dislodged within your system and toxins may have been released from storage.  Your body is working to flush all toxins out and improve communications within your nerve system. By giving your body lots of water it can detoxify and improve the fluidity of communication within the body – so drink water liberally days afterward.

In the immediate days after treatment you may still be aware of your body processing the changes that began during your treatment.  Often a new layer of awareness is surfacing and old symptoms may be stirred up. This should resolve shortly as you allow this cleansing process to complete itself. 

If it is a young baby or child that has received treatment, remember that their sleeping patterns can change, and don’t be alarmed if they take a long nap, or sleep through the night if this isn’t typical.  Like adults they are processing and can be temporarily more emotional. Feel free to call with any questions.