First Visit for Crainosacral Therapy Treatment in New York City

What to Expect From Dr. Alex Kaminsky

If you’re like most people, your first visit with Dr. Alex Kaminsky will also be your first time with a Chiropractor provides craniosacral therapy at the forefront of his care.   

Dr. Kaminsky’s goal for his patients is complete reversal of your issue(s) in the shortest number of visits. He patiently combines techniques most suitable for your healing process and best results. 

He has a wide range of techniques acquired over many years of continuing post graduate training and practice.

Primary method of care is Craniosacral Therapy, and based on individual need, can be combined with Vagus Nerve tuning (vagal toning), Somato Emotional Release (SER), Myofascial Release, Classic Chiropractic and other safe and effective modalities.

You can expect professionalism, kindness, compassion, experience, skill and a good bedside manner from Dr. Kaminsky.

New Patient Appointment

During your Initial appointment we will go through the intake paperwork and address everything you have indicated on the form. Your areas of complaint(s) will be discussed, evaluated and the best hands-on course of action will be recommended and agreed upon before we begin the session.

We will talk about your treatment needs, your short and long-term healing goals, and if you have a preference on techniques / modalities we will be using. The full duration of the session will be all hands-on work. No machines or gimmicks are used in the office. Techniques originate from the various treatment and healing methods Dr. Kaminsky is proficient in.

An expereince based 10 Step Protocol is often administered during the first session as a way to establish a base line and allow Dr. Kaminsky to gain a better understanding of your body and physiology. The focus of care will be on your compliant(s).

After the session, a recommendation on potential follow-up sessions, duration and frequency of care needed will be discussed.  

An evaluation of children is very comparable to that of adults but with the parent / guardian present.   One point of importance to understand is that Dr. Kaminsky may need to discuss additional aspects without the child’s presence as he does not like to discuss sensitive topics in front of the kids of cognizant age, not wanting to put any self-limiting ideas in your child’s mind.

In this case, he will always make time later or the next day to speak via telephone about anything left unsaid during the initial visit. This does not change or take away from the same-day care of the child. Everything is always thoroughly explained and discussed. Dr. Kaminsky makes it a point to be in touch and communicate openly with the child and the parents.

Same with adults, all patients are always encouraged to communicate in-office or with call or text after a session. Communications are encouraged, as valuable dialogue is important for the concerted care of the patient.

Craniosacral Therapy 

In a Craniosacral therapy session, your body has likely undergone some soft tissue releases and realignment and needs time to become accustomed to this new openness.  Avoid extreme exercise or activities that tax your energy and healing resources as you are processing and “recalibrating” to a new neutral alignment with your body.  

In the immediate days after treatment, you may be aware of your body processing energetically the releases that began during your session.  Often a new layer of awareness is surfacing, and old symptom, memories and emotions may be stirred up. This is temporary and will resolve shortly as you allow this cleansing process to complete itself. 

If it is a young baby or child that has received treatment, remember that their sleeping patterns can change, don’t be alarmed if they take a long nap, or sleep through the night if this isn’t typical.  Like adults they are processing and can also be temporarily fussier and more emotional. Please be patient and feel free to call with any questions.