Dr. Alex Kaminsky
Treating patients for 20 years!

Dr. Kaminsky is an experienced Craniosacral Therapy practitioner and chiropractor providing treatment via studied modalities of hands-on alternative care. His approach to the treatment needs of the patient has evolved from over twenty years of experience and his tenacity to continue learning new methods of treating the body makes him an advanced body-worker. His skills continue to evolve, progress and refine.

He believes, as a doctor you must stay open minded, continue to learn, continue to gain experience, understand each patient’s treatment needs, and most importantly… provide patient results. (testimonials)

Dr. Kaminsky NYC Chiropractor specializing in Craniosacral Therapy, holds many years of experience and is compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled in his approach.

In today’s environment the office adheres to strict sanitary measures and is hygiene conscious. All office staff wear N95 masks and office equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every patient.

He believes, as a doctor you must stay open minded, continue to learn, continue to gain experience, understand each patient’s treatment needs, and most importantly… provide patient results. (testimonials)


Craniosacral Therapy, Pranic Healing, Chiropractic


Craniosacral Therapy is essentially a trained therapist’s experience, skill-set and hands-on specific application for each patient.


One of the most impactful forms of Energy bodywork connecting the physical and energy bodies of mind, matter and spirit.


Chiropractic works and has withstood the test of time, as experienced by millions of patients.


Some of the other methods that may be used by Dr. Kaminsky for your care include Pranic Crystal Healing, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and more.


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a results oriented, hands-on system of healthcare that has become very valuable in recent years. Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and most other medically licensed providers can study, take continuing education seminars, and offer CST to their patients.

For a provider to become proficient in this healing art takes practice and patience, then more practice and more patience and perseverance. Being able to detect and feel the Craniosacral system, being able to positively influence and effect this system every session, takes the average practitioner several years of consistent practice to master. Dr. Kaminsky has the experience necessary.

CST can be combined with Panic Healing and are the best treatment options resulting in maximum healing utilized in this office.

Learn more about Craniosacral Therapy basics, click here.

Learn more about Pranic Healing basics, click here.


Break negative patternsClear limiting beliefs
Uncongest stuck energiesProcess unresolved emotion
Facilitate blockage releasesRelease negative energy
Soften spasmed musclesRewire your nervous system
Unblock natural rhythmOptimize craniosacral system

Heal and Restore your Health

Break negative patterns
Uncongest stuck energies
Facilitate blockage releases
Soften spasmed muscles
Unblock natural rhythm
Clear limiting beliefs
Process unresolved emotion
Release negative energy
Rewire your nervous system
Optimize craniosacral system


You should expect to achieve the results you set out to attain. The methods implemented in your in-office care combined with unique-to-you home-care recommendations will allow for maximum potential in your healing.

Dr. Kaminsky possesses an advanced and unique skill-set, which allows him to work effectively with the needs of your body. He only accepts patients for care he knows he can help, and always strives for the quickest most efficient resolution of your issue(s).

Resolution can be achieved after 1 or 2 sessions, 3 – 4 sessions, 6, 8, 12, etc., or many months, 6 – 9 or more, of care. Everyone is different, symptoms, conditions vary from person to person, so goals, expectations and results must be genuine and realistic for you specifically. One thing for sure…., the body heals at any age.

Some of the additional techniques Used in Our Office


To properly asses your condition an evaluation is needed. “My focus in your assessment is concentrated on understanding where in your body and head, stuck energies / lack of fluid flow or subluxations  are wrecking havoc, causing rhytm restrictions, disrupting your physical and energetic physiology.”

Treatment sessions are intended with focus and are concentrated along specific points on your body, including the spine, neck, back and head. Often at the point of pain or symptom expression or condition.


Learning more about the Craniosacral Mechanism and the important role it plays in your existence, and understanding the body’s response to hands-on methods used by Dr. Kaminsky, it is important to know how the body works.

The intention during your treatment session is most importantly, to facilitate the release of compromised rhythmic impulses / energetic restrictions your body is harboring. Every physiologic release facilitates improvement in function, optimizes your craniosacral mechanism and fine-tunes your body’s Craniosacral Rhythm.

Improved function of the craniosacral mechanism creates positive changes in your body’s energetic system, advances your physical function / physiology, brings you out of pain, improves the condition you present with, offers better health, and promotes optimal wellbeing.

Results are Achievable!


What is CranioSacral / Cranial Sacral Therapy?2018-12-13T14:22:02+00:00

CranioSacral Therapy is a hands-on, manual body work modality that facilitates healing and improvement in the body and head. It was developed between the years of 1975-1983 by Osteopathic Physician Dr. John Upledger and his team at Michigan State University.

How does CranioSacral Therapy work?2018-12-13T14:22:13+00:00

From the interaction of the practitioner to the patient via placement of the hands on to the patient’s body, healing begins. The body draws-in the practitioner to where hand placement begins the session and continues to move from region to region on the head, neck, spine and cranium.

How is healing achieved?2018-12-13T14:22:20+00:00

Our bodies are capable of healing. With craniosacral therapy the body conforms to the touch and facilitates a release, often numerous releases. It is a physiological, energetic release, stagnant fluid release, tissue movement release, a lightening of tension, easing of pressure, a letting go response of the body. Every type of release brings you closer to Optimal healthy Function and Well Being, out of pain, improvement in symptoms and potentially your condition reversal.

How long does it take to see improvement?2018-12-13T14:22:32+00:00

Every person is different. Sometimes improvement is felt immediately, sometimes after a few sessions. Sometimes after many sessions and rarely no improvement at all.

What can you expect with Dr. Kaminsky?2018-12-13T14:22:42+00:00

Bodywork is an art based on the practitioner’s experience, diagnostic ability, intuition, therapeutic skill-set, intention and various other factors. Dr. Kaminsky’s approach is to first and foremost examine the physical body. Second, evaluate the energetic system for indicators, mainly the Chakra energy centers. This approach provides for him a focused body-map as to where on the body to begin the hands-on Craniosacral Therapy treatment.

Dr. Kaminsky NYC Chiropractor holds many years of experience and is compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled in his approach.

To learn more about what to expect during the Initial Visit, click here, and schedule your appointment


“Dr Alex Kaminsky is nothing less than a life saver. After being bedridden for a few days, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Kaminsky. After one treatment I was able to walk and even run. True miracle. He is an exceptional person and professional , who genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients. Strongly recommended.”
– Alex Shklar
“I had a very bad car accident where I sustained a severe whiplash injury causing severe neck and low back pain. After trying a multitude of therapists, I found Alexander. His attention to me were heart-warm and after the first session the pain had diminished significantly. Today I have absolutely no pain and continue to receive craniosacral therapy once per month. I feel energized and happy and would not live my life any other way.”
– Dr. Lana Gordon
“Alexander is very patient and therapeutically present for his patients. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable before and after the treatment. I have had four weekly sessions and my headaches are gone. I recommend this awesome doctor to anyone suffering with migraine headache.”
– Laura Itkin

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