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Collaboration with Dental Professionals.

Sometimes a multifaceted approach to patient care is necessary. Dr. Kaminsky works with several dentists for the mutual benefit of the patient. For example, someone who needs dental work as well as cranial treatment for jaw and teeth issues would work with both a craniosacral therapist and a dental specialist.

In-oral mouth appliances are used very often for patients with craniofacial conditions. Including tongue-tie and airway passage issues. Dr. Kaminsky utilizes cranial techniques to aid in the correction process, working synergistically with the appliance installed by the dentist.

An example of such dental Appliance is the ALF Appliance. There are numerous other appliances that are used. The most important aspect is to make sure the appliance is not impeding the craniosacral mechanism, but instead to make sure the application of correct forces on to the teeth and jaw allow for corrective changes.

The dental appliance is installed with the end goal of specific corrections in mind. The job of any craniosacral therapist is to facilitate the continued unimpeded function of the craniosacral system. And to aid in the movement of specific craniofacial bones into its proper alignment.

Dr. Kaminsky is experienced in collaborating with dental practitioners in this regard.

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