Scoliosis and Your Child

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Scoliosis and Care with Dr. Kaminsky

Scoliosis is not a problem of the spine, it is a condition of trauma and or strong unresolved emotions experienced by a child or an adult (in cases of adult onset scoliosis) which inflicts the nervous system affecting the function of the body’s energy systems, mainly the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

How The Nervous System, CSF, Cranial Mobility, and Scoliosis are Connected

The parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves control tightness of the muscles and when trauma or unresolved emotion get stuck energetically in fascia between the muscles, energy that moves within that fascia causes certain groups of muscles to tighten pulling the spine  to one side and out of alignment. The nervous system energetics and conductivity become impaired.

When nervous system conductivity becomes impaired muscle tone is effected and often without pain. Groups of muscles then develop latent trigger points, spasm and insidious shortening of its length. Altered muscle length results in pulling on both the head and the spine, curving the spine.

The reason why nerves that control specific muscle groups become dysfunctional is due to impaired nerve impulse (energy) conductivity effecting the flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF).

CSF is the energetics of the body and is responsible for driving and maintaining the function of human existence via the Central Nervous System. Without the constant flow of CSF throughout the nervous system in the head and body we would not be able to live.

Therefore, when there is a lack of proper energetics CSF flow is impaired effecting also specific bones in the cranium causing them to lose mobility at the sutures inhibiting cranial mobility.

Cranial mobility is one of the most important physiological functions of a living organism. This movement within the cranium pumps fluid throughout the body that is produced in the brain, called Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) which is the hydraulics / energetics of the body.

When this system is compromised in a particular pattern, scoliosis forms.

Importance of Cranial Mobility and Scoliosis Treatment

Regarding cranial mobility, Osteopathic Physician Dr. William G. Sutherland in the 1930’s discovered the natural movement that exists in the cranium between the plates of bones at the sutures. Some decades later Dr. Harold I. Magoon, also an Osteopath stated that, “spinal scoliosis and cranial scoliosis are inseparable”. Therefore, deviation from structural symmetry within the cranial bones effects a balanced flow of CSF.

In scoliosis, one very important fact to understand is that the spine, the vertebral column itself is a passive structure comprised of bone (vertebral body), disc and ligaments. It cannot bend or twist by itself. The muscles that attach to the vertebral column via tendons are one hundred percent responsible for controlling the movement and positioning of the spine.

Therefore, in achieving scoliosis reversal, it is important to have the body release stored trauma and stuck emotions and make sure there is ample cranial mobility and ample CSF flow.

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Why Choose Dr. Kaminsky for Scoliosis Treatment?

Dr. Alex Kaminsky approaches scoliosis in the manner described, addressing the traumatic, emotional and cranial aspects needed to influence the spine. Utilizing methods necessary to bring forth complete scoliosis curve reversal.

Furthermore, Dr. Kaminsky is very familiar with all approaches and recommendations conventionally and currently available today for attempted scoliosis management. Such as CLEAR, Schroth, all bracing systems and all surgical options including VBT.

Dr. Kaminsky has been studying, researching and working with scoliosis patients for many years. Schedule your appointment for a consultation to understand, learn more and determine if his treatment approach is the right one for your child.

Can a chiropractor help with scoliosis? If you or a loved one have questions or are experiencing pain and discomfort caused by scoliosis,  Dr. Kaminsky is a chiropractic scoliosis specialist with years of experience.

Please visit or schedule an appointment today to start your path to healing.

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