Medical massage concentrates on symptomatic relief of a medically diagnosed condition. A medical massage is done by a licensed therapist to alleviate pain associated with specific musculoskeletal conditions and a specifically planned therapeutic outcome.

Medical massage therapy treats people with sports injuries, sprain/strain injuries, muscle cramps, muscle spasm, inflammation and fibromyalgia.

Muscle spasm is very common, and it is important for the medical professional to be able to differentiate between a muscle spasm and muscle splinting. Muscle spasm is where there is something wrong with the muscle itself and muscle splinting is when the muscle is spasming because it is protecting an underlying area under the muscle. Such as a hairline fracture, ligament sprain or tumor.

Muscle cramps respond well to medical massage and are often combined with recommendations for adequate water intake with emphasis on rehydration and the flushing out of lactic acid, which is very likely causing the cramps.

The goal of the therapist must include an improvement of muscle tone and improved range of motion (ROM) measured at the joint of origin and insertion points of the muscle in question. If the muscle is tight or in spasm the range of motion will be limited.

With our highly trained medical massage therapists a planned therapeutic outcome can be achieved.