The use of stones for healing and other various health practices have been around for as long as humanity has existed. The practice is referenced for the first time by Ancient Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians used many gems for health and protection. From Greece to China to South America, crystals have been used throughout many cultures for healing for thousands of years. This practice didn’t end with ancient cultures. As New Age began to grow through the 1980s the healing practice of crystals began to grow as well.

Due to extensive scientific research over the last several hundred years much has been discovered regarding atoms and how they function in the human body. These atoms create energy that exists in everything in existence; even stones and minerals. The energy contained within crystals us used in many areas. In watches, electrical components in electronics, and some medications. This energy is then used to create healing and balance in the body. It works much like magnets repelling and attracting one another. Placing the crystals over specific parts of the body will transform the energy in the body by shifting, pulsing, and vibrating it.

Healing through crystals occurs as a result of this shifting energy bringing balance to the body. An individual seeking healing through crystals can expect three primary ways in which the balance brought by the energy from crystals will bring healing; clearing, energizing, and balancing. Crystals can clear negative energy from the body that may be disrupting an individuals health. These same crystals can add energy (energizing) to the body creating balance where mostly negative energy had taken over.

Crystals can be used by wearing them to allow the body to absorb the beneficial aspects and creating overall balance. Placing the stone on the specific part of the body where the pain is occurring, such as with a headache, can provide relief. Some people will leave crystals around their home or areas where they spend time, such as a vehicle or work, to receive the most benefit from their presence.