Craniosacral Therapy + Schroth Method 

 Adult & Pediatric Scoliosis Program in Mid-Town Manhattan

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What is it? It is the enhancement of the Schroth Method with Craniosacral Therapy which adds tremendous benefit to the management of Scoliosis. It is a hands-on technique that helps soften the muscle tissues naturally around the spine, by facilitating and restoring the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the cranium and spine.

How Does it Work? As scoliosis develops the connective tissues around the spine (muscle, tendons, fascia, ligaments, etc.) become contracted pulling the spine out of alignment, causing it to curve. This happens because there is inadequate flow of fluid / CSF and these tissues stiffen-up, or contract.  The Schroth Method helps stretch these tight groups of muscles and Craniosacral Therapy helps saturate these same tissues with fluid, resulting in the best possible combination and treatment outcome.

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Why Does it Work? It is a fact that CSF is the Energetic / Hydraulic flowing life energy the body is dependent on for nutrition. Through craniosacral Therapy, unwinding of the spinal muscles allows the body to release tissue tension giving the spine restorative equilibrium and the potential to straighten itself out and remain that way.  During the course of our Craniosacral-Schroth Method therapy, the body is releasing fluid flow restrictions bringing life energy to the surrounding tissues of the spine as well as stretching desired muscles for sustainable curve reversal. By treating the spinal tissues / muscles and improving cerebrospinal fluid circulation, many people realize significant improvement in Scoliosis and enjoy a significant decrease in associated pain symptoms.

What’s the Program Include & How Long?  The in-office sessions include the Schroth Method and Craniosacral Therapy, and in addition, breathing techniques to involve the diaphragm in the curve reversal process. The diaphragm tissues attach to the spine and therefore incorporating a more concentrated effort of this optimal function is very important.

Recommendations for home care are also shown in the office and your adherence to them will add great benefit to the in-office sessions, speeding up the reversal process. Treatment duration with Dr. Kaminsky usually lasts a few months at one or two times per week frequency and is very much patient specific. You get a comprehensive approach to restoring your spine. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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