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Webster Technique for pregnant women.

Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique protocol created by Chiropractor Larry Webster specifically for women who are pregnant.

It is a safe and gentle technique applied by a Webster Certified Chiropractor. The goal of the technique is to bring out the most optimal expression of health. Dr. Kaminsky is Webster Technique certified.

The weight of the baby and ever-changing body structure of the pregnant woman puts a lot of weight and pressure on the spine which may cause various symptoms.

Implementation of the Webster technique by a certified skilled chiropractor facilitates the mother’s innate potential in expressing optimal life intelligence, health.

Webster technique is gently performed via the proper administration of specific chiropractic hands -on maneuvers on the spine, back, pelvis and other areas to bring about a decrease in spinal subluxation. Thereby, improving the physical and physiological overload often seen in pregnancy.

In addition, Dr. Kaminsky’s knowledge of Craniosacral Therapy helps facilitate the greatest in-office pregnant care possible.

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