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TMJ Treatment NYC

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Jaw pain, Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) is a fairly common condition. It is also a condition that is very much misunderstood by the dental and medical communities.  Although the jaw pain or clicking associated with TMJ frequently exists in the jaw, head, and neck, the problem often originates from a different area on the body. Dr. Kaminsky can reduce the pain / clicking and negative effects of TMJ dysfunction in both adults and children.

Common symptoms of TJM:

  • Pain, aching, and/or clicking of the jaw
  • Tension headaches
  • Difficulty chewing or locking of the joints
  • Tenderness and reduced jaw motion
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TMJ Treatment NYC

Dr. Kaminsky specializes in treating TMJ sufferers in New York through gentle and safe Craniosacral Therapy techniques. He has found that by releasing restrictions in the body through Craniosacral Therapy, patients have experienced drastic improvements and a decrease in their TMJ symptoms.

Benefits of visiting a TMJ Specialist

  • Relaxation and alleviation of tension associated with TMJ
  • Relief in pressure on the nerves around the neck and jaw
  • Reduced pain
  • Correction of misalignment for long term pain / clicking relief
  • A TMJ natural treatment option that is safe

What Causes Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction?

In eight out of ten sufferers, the tmj causes are due to muscle imbalance somewhere in the body other than the jaw. Picture a puppet with multiple strings. The puppet is controlled from top to bottom, but if something happened to one of the strings, if the string bunched-up midway or on the bottom the top is effected.

Scoliosis and TJM

To get a better understanding I encourage you to read the section on scoliosis. If you understand what causes scoliosis, you can understand what causes TMJ, the same principles apply. The difference is that the muscles involved originate and insert at the lower levels of the vertebral column, and the cranium misaligns in a more uniform way versus individual bones. Uneven pressure on the Temporal Mandibular Joint is the result.

Another words, the muscular inhibition does not cause enough of a lever pull from the muscles at the bottom of the vertebrae to cause scoliosis but significant enough to cause enough of a muscular distortion and force up the spine, into the head to effect the cranium. This places uneven forces on the TMJ causing the clicking and or pain inside the joint.

If you are suffering from chronic tmj pain or are looking for a tmj specialist in New York, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaminsky today!

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