The healing method of Tibetan Cranial has been providing healing and balance to patients for over 3,000 years. It originated in the highlands of the Himalayas, but has seen a rise in Western alternative medicine. In the 1950s the healing art would have been extinct had it not been for one Tibetan Monk who taught his skills to an American, Shar Lee, who began teaching the practice to others with a resolve to keep it alive.

Tibetan Cranial also goes by the traditional name, Thoba Khujatag, or “skull moving,” and is a bodywork form based on the idea that the cranium and body are filled with pulses that can be accessed and adjusted to bring about healing in the body. During a session the client should expect to lie fully clothed on a treatment table designed specifically for this form of treatment. The practitioner will begin to lightly feel for pulses beginning at the feet and moving to the wrists and head.

Once the Tibetan Cranial practitioner feels they have gathered all the information they need based on the pulses in the body they will make adjustments on the skull, neck, jaw, face, and mouth. These adjustments are made through gentle pressure being applied by the practitioner’s finger tips. The patient should begin to feel a sense of total body relaxation as a result of these adjustments. The spine will become realigned with the body without the need of spinal adjustments. The practitioner will end the session with a “seal” and a time of quiet and relaxation.

Once treatment is complete the patient may experience immediate results or it may take a few weeks for a noticeable difference in symptoms to occur. The length and amount of Tibetan Cranial sessions will depend on the individual needs of the patient. The overall goal is to bring the body into balance through subtle changes, not all at once. Therefore, this may require multiple sessions. Once this balance has been struck the body is more able to correct its own imbalances moving forward and as a result the overall health of the client may be improved.

Clients will seek Tibetan Cranial healing for a wide variety of health issues and chronic pains throughout the body. For individuals suffering with migraines and headaches, TMJ and jaw pain, neck and back pain, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, brain and spinal cord issues and other chronic pain conditions.

Tibetan Cranial has been able to effectively bring relief to these disorders. People living with mood and nervous disorders have also seen impressive results through Tibetan Cranial including anxiety and depression, stress conditions, and sleep disorders. Other acute and chronic conditions and injuries have been addressed with this healing modality as well including whiplash, head injuries, scoliosis, sciatica, ears ringing, vertigo, seizures, and sinus pain. In general, if there is a health or quality of life concern that has not been able to be properly addressed with Western Medicine it may be worth the patient’s time to seek healing through Tibetan Cranial.

To practice Tibetan Cranial healing the practitioner has to undergo specific training. Training is to ensure that the art and healing practice of this ancient treatment modality can continue with consistency and integrity. Practitioners will be trained through hands-on instruction with the absence of manual or videos. Apprentices in this method do not follow a standard timeframe before being released, but rather must prove they have been trained well and are highly-skilled in applying the work and principles. Once they have graduated from the program, practitioners promise to keep the healing practice pure and true to its roots without integration of other healing modalities.

For the patient who has sought relief for a long time through Western Medicine and has come away with the same symptoms and frustration, Tibetan Cranial may be the answer they have been looking for. It is important to search for a qualified practitioner and ensure that you are healthy and able to undergo such therapeutic processes. Individuals who have undergone treatment with Tibetan Cranial healing practices have reported experiencing relief from ailments that they did not realize they had been carrying. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues were balanced or eradicated and the individual’s quality of life was transformed.

Dr. Kaminsky has taken the first, week-long entry level seminar on Tibetan Cranial and has received multiple sessions from the great Shar Lee.