Spinal-Cranial Subluxation

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Spinal Cranial Subluxation

Subluxation = Misalignment.  Wherever you have joints, movable parts there is possibility of losing integrity at the joints. Another-words, and as endlessly debated; the relationship between structure and function. As many professionals agree, they are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have function without structure and vise versa.

A subluxation is a loss of structural integrity and functional homeostasis. For example, in Scoliosis when a spinal muscle that originates and inserts at specific spinal levels is in a spasm, the tight spasmodic muscle effects the spinal structure by directly altering the structure and integrity. The resultant shift in the structure is the subluxation, a less then a perfect alignment of the spine.

In cranial subluxation, there is a shift in the alignment of the plates of bones in the head and intra-facial bones, causing a cranial subluxation.

Based on Chiropractic philosophy a subluxation can be effected in a positive way through the manual means, manipulation of the spine.

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