The body and mind are connected in a physical and chemical capacity. The health of one has a significant impact on the health of the other. Because of this stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on an individuals mental health along with their physical health. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find practitioners that are willing to address the symptoms of one area, but rarely both.

Practitioners of integrative medicine are beginning to investigate new ways to treat the root cause of disease through a form of therapy known as Sound Healing. These individuals practice in a variety of healthcare and non-healthcare fields. Schools, hospitals, birthing centers, rehabilitation and retirement facilities, as well as nurseries are seeing the benefits of employing and utilizing Sound Healing as part of their patients plan of care.

Sound Healing has been used for centuries to bring healing and balance to the lives of individuals and is based on the simple fact that the body is extremely sensitive to noise. This method of healing and therapy had nearly gone extinct in the West until the 1930s until a discovery was made by acoustic researchers regarding the use of ultrasound in the field of medicine. Quickly behind this discovery was the uprising of Music Therapy in the 1940s.

How does Sound Healing work, exactly? This therapeutic method uses music and various aspects of music to bring about positive changes in physical and emotional health as well as overall well-being. There are a wide variety of Sound Healing methods and each contain their own unique benefits and uses.

Neurologic Music Therapy works to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. It has been found that 30 minutes of music therapy could reduce pain after spinal surgery and it can be more effective than prescription medication for pain. This form of Sound Healing allows the patient to create, listen, sing, or move with the music.

The Bonny Method, named after Helen L. Bonny, PhD uses classical music and guided imagery. This form of Sound Health is used to promote personal growth, transformation, and consciousness. More than one session can lead to better health in adults both mentally and physically.

Nordoff-Robbins requires practitioners of this method to complete a two-year master’s program. In this Sound Healing method musicians are the practitioners and they use music that is familiar to the patient being treated and create new music with them with the ultimate goal of a performance. This is a popular method of treatment for children with developmental delays and learning difficulties as well as older adults with dementia.

Guided Meditation uses voiced instruction during a meditation session. Those utilizing this method will chant or repeat mantras along with a meditation guide. This can be done either in person or through audio recordings. This form of Sound Healing has been shown to reduce stress, improve anxiety and depression, reduce blood pressure and pain, lower cholesterol, and improve memory function.

Tuning Fork Therapy may be the most interesting of the Sound Healing methods. The two premier teachers of human tuning with this method are Dr. John Beaulieu and Eileen Day McKusick. This form applies specific and varying vibrations to the body with calibrated metal tuning forks. Through frequencies being created in the body tension can be released and emotional balance may be struck. Just as acupuncture applies pressure and point stimulation to specific parts of the body to provide healing, Tuning Fork Therapy applies frequencies. Ongoing research is being conducted to determine whether this form of therapy can relieve bone and muscle pain.

Brainwave Entertainment also goes by the name, Binaural Beats. Through pulsing sounds the brain is stimulated into a specific desired state. The brain acknowledges and aligns with the frequency it hears. An individual may seek this method to obtain increased focus, relaxation, and better sleep.

Science and research shows that vibrations are underlying to all matter in the Universe. Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration, particularly through water, air, or sand. The vibrations of sound have an affect on these elements and therefore can be studied. Research in the field is showing that frequencies have the ability to directly alter particles of matter. Just as vibrations from sounds are able to alter water and other elements so can vibrations and frequencies alter the individual, as we are all made-up from 70% water. This is the foundation of Sound Healing, music and sound can alter the patients vibrational state leading to a variety of health benefits.

Dr. Alex Kaminsky has studied with both Eileen McKusick and John Beaulieu. Call for a consultation.