Trigger point massage also known as myofascial massage or myofascial release concentrates first on identifying latent (painful to touch) and active (always painful) muscle spots on the body. Then using various manual techniques to eradicate those painful areas within the muscle tissue.

A trigger point is described as a taut band of muscle, usually of a different texture and feel, first identified by Dr. Janet Travell, M.D. as a hyperirritable spot, usually within a tender band of muscle / fascia which is painful to touch and can give rise to a characteristic referred pain (shooting pain to another area of the body upon digital compression from the therapist), motor dysfunction, and autonomic phenomena.

These trigger points are tight and contracted myofascial tissue, with a feel of a different tone, almost like hard nodules. They may feel swollen, tense, or tender upon digit compression by a therapist.

In our office we treat myofascial trigger points with vibration and percussion. This method reduces inflammation and facilitates blood flow to the area, thereby restoring the normal tone of the muscle. It is the least painful for the patient, compared to the common compression method which is very painful and not very effective. Vibration of the trigger point does not produce any pain and as a result, the outcome is quite effective in eradicating trigger points from the muscles. Combined with craniosacral therapy your results are realized as quickly as possible.

We often use tunning forks with a specific frequency to treat trigger points. Once activated, the flat point is placed right on the trigger point and the vibration from the tuning fork melts it away. It is a simple and very effective modality to work with. Patients often report a myofascial release within the triggered muscle during this application, a very soothing sensation for the body.