Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) is a method of chiropractic adjustment that is unlike traditional adjustments. DNFT does not involve any cracking or popping commonly associated with chiropractic sessions. It is the first low force method used in the field of chiropractic NYC, developed by Dr. Richard VanRumpt. Dr. VanRumpt began the process of discovering the method while he was still a Chiropractic student and began officially using DNFT in his own practice in the 1940s.

The process of DNFT is rooted in the same methodology as traditional chiropractic NYC. The practitioner still analyzes the patient and locates subluxations that need correction through leg checks and challenges. The difference is primarily in the force used on a patient.

DNFT also differs from traditional chiropractic adjustments in that it can provide maximum results in fewer sessions. This method seems to offer more long-lasting corrections of subluxations with less force. Follow up sessions may be required to correct any subsequent subluxations that occur as a result of the body compensating. Often within a few visits these are typically diminished.

A wide variety of health conditions and concerns can be addressed through a minimal number of DNFT sessions. Patients living with arthritis, herniated or bulging discs, chronic headaches and pain, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, TMJ, and osteoporosis, to name a few, have found lasting relief through DNFT treatments. Some individuals seek this form of treatment as a method of preventative treatment and as part of their overall wellness routine.

The overall goal of DNFT is to realign the bones, muscles, discs, and ligaments of the body that may be causing nerve root subluxations. These subluxations lead to a wide variety of health issues, even those that the sufferer doesn’t realize are being caused by these interferences.

This effective, low-force technique should only be administered by a healthcare practitioner with adequate training in the field. DNFT is an excellent chiropractic treatment for anyone seeking a slow entry into other chiropractic adjustment methods or as a main course of treatment.