Crystal Healing Science

Crystals are Programmable

A crystal does not have any will. Therefore, it follows instructions without resistance. When a pranic healing practitioner Says “absorb pranic energy”, it absorbs energy. For example, when Dr. Kaminsky says “project pranic energy” to the crystal, it projects energy into the area indicated or willed by him.  People and animals have consciousness and will power. This is the reason why they may or may not follow your instructions. If you tell them to do something they can resist. Because crystals do not have will power, they will follow clear instructions within the parameters they are capable of fulfilling.

For example, when Dr. Kaminsky treats an area of pain like low back pain, or neck pain, he may choose to use a crystal to direct energy into that area thereby helping the body dissipate that pain via the energy of the crystal.

Crystal as energy Extractor

You can also use a crystal as an energy extractor. Another words, you can program the crystal to extract, absorb, disintegrate and expel dirty, diseased and negative energy from the chakras and meridian points of the patients body.  There are four basic techniques Dr. Kaminsky adheres to in utilizing a crystal for healing. Before that, energetic hygiene is exercised before using the crystal as an energy manipulator. Energy hygiene is the practice of Cleansing, Charging, Programming and Stabilizing the crystal each time before use with a patient.

For example, in extracting stagnant and congested energies from the body, Dr. Kaminsky will facilitate the crystal to do just that. The crystal will break up, extract, absorb, expel and disintegrate these unusual energies from the body and re-introduce, replace fresh new energy into the body. Serving the body’s needs and highest self-serving purpose.


Cleansing a crystal is removing energies from it, as well as previous programming and psychic impressions left there from a previous healing session.  Cleansing the crystal not only removes the unwanted previous session energy but also restores its pranic energy level every time.

Cleansing the crystal after every session is responsible hygiene that Dr. Kaminsky practices with purpose, as these very same crystals he uses on himself and his family.


Charging a crystal can be accomplished in several ways. Through the practitioners pranic breathing and simultaneous instruction for the crystal to absorb the pranic energy produced by the breathing exercise.  A crystal can also be charged by instructing it to absorb energy from the air, earth and sun. In this case, the crystal would be placed in the open air / sun for a few hours, and preferably on a regular basis. Because a Vogel cut and Pranic crystal’s are healing tools, regular hygienic maintenance is good practice.


You can program a crystal using verbal or mental instruction directed at the crystal. Verbally you can say aloud the instructions you want the crystal to carry out. Or mentally, you can give instruction to the crystal using the intent of your mind. A crystal can be programed to cohere energy and function within the parameters of its capability. 

Dr. Kaminsky charges and programs his crystals for each patient individually before every session. After which the crystal is then discharged and cleared ready for the next patient.


Stabilizing the energy of the crystal can be achieved by mentally intending a light whitish blue color to surround the crystal. This maintains the potency of the crystal.  Once the crystal is subjected to these four methods of hygiene, the crystal is ready to be used on a patient to bring forth the desired health results. This is done by working directly with the crystal and with the energetic body of the patient.

Using Crystals for Healing

The specifically manufactured Crystal is a tool of Prana. When it is of proper form the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Pranic thought intent is amplified and healing in your body is facilitated.

About Dr. Kaminsky & Craniosacral Therapy

Having a Chiropractic background since the year 2000, Dr. Kaminsky offers many methods of treatment with an emphasis on Craniosacral Therapy and Pranic Healing in NYC.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a method focusing on the link between the cranium (head) and sacrum (the second to last bone at the base of your spine), scientifically proven to work in unison to pump fluid throughout the body, an unknown disruption of which can cause many health issues.  The craniosacral mechanism pumps vital fluid called cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) through the body and in a sense energetically lubricates the joints, tissues, organs; basically all cells of the body. It is the driving force of all your body’s systems of function; including maintaining the tone of your muscles.

The Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) are surrounded with CSF generating energetic rhythmic impulses of fluid delicately pumping throughout your body’s parts “breathing” the movement of life. This measurable rhythm of moving fluid, like the heart rhythm, pulse rhythm, breathing rhythm is the foundational “blueprint” and primary principle of our real-time state of our health. 

Compromises of our rhythmic movements of fluid flow correlates to the impulse restrictions in the system which the body is unable to overcome or self-correct. This is the reason why we have “dis-ease”, symptoms, conditions, basically all ailments.  This is where the skill of an experienced craniosacral therapist becomes valuable.  By placing his or her hands on your body the practitioner can feel, detect, evaluate, and facilitate correction of these restrictive arrhythmic impulses.

The craniosacral therapist helps your rhythm restore and renew in compromised areas allowing for healing to take place of sensory, motor, musculoskeletal, neurological disorders, symptoms, conditions and pain.  To learn more, visit the other pages on this website. Call to schedule your healing treatment with Dr. Kaminsky.