This form of therapeutic healing dates back as far as 2500 BCE., though modern day treatment was developed in 1978 in Japan. This modern treatment was used originally as a way to bring relief for arthritis. Since it’s origins, Cryotherapy has been used in just about every medical field including dermatology, chiropractic NYC, and surgery, just to name a few. This healing process utilizes cold temperatures to bring about needed benefits and healing to a host of ailments.

The treatment modality of Cryotherapy can be applied in a variety of settings and is growing in popularity due to its portability and low cost to operate. Today cold temperatures are used to provide pain relief in the form of creams and ice packs, to also remove lesions and warts, and as far as sitting in a tank for 3 to 5 minutes in near freezing temperatures as a method of whole body relaxation and healing.

In the profession of Chiropractic, practitioners are beginning to see benefits of using new forms of Cryotherapy. These forms exist as body cryotherapy chambers, blowers that apply extremely cold air to the desired area, or creams applied in specific locations on the body.

Why should Cryotherapy be used in Chiropractic care NYC? Extremely cold temperatures can help to improve and speed up the healing process. This takes place by reducing inflammation as a faster rate which allows the body to redirect that blood flow to more vital locations. As blood flows to where it is most needed, rather than inflammatory sites, oxygen and nutrients are directed to organs and tissues as well. The body responds to cold temperatures by removing toxins which will also help in the healing process. Speeding up recovery help Chiropractic adjustments to be more beneficial and the patient may see positive results more quickly.

While the term Cryotherapy may sound intimidating at first it is used more often than the general public realizes. A bump or scrape as a child immediately called for a cold pack, a teething child was given a cold or frozen cloth to chew on, and most individuals warts were removed through extremely cold temperatures. As common as it is, Cryotherapy as a method of treatment should be done by a healthcare practitioner with training in the therapy arts.