I have known Dr. Kaminsky for many years. From my first meeting with him, his demeanor put me at ease and he listened to what I had to say. It was evident that he is not self serving. His goal was solely to help me feel better. He never pushed me to keep on coming for treatments. Any time I have received treatment form Dr. Kaminsky I instantly felt relief of my symptoms. I have full trust in his abilities. Because of my positive experience with Dr. Kaminsky I highly recommend him.

s Ruby   

Alexander is very patient and therapeutically present for his patients. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable before and after the treatment. I have had four weekly sessions and my headaches are gone. I recommend this awesome doctor to anyone suffering with migraine headache.

Laura Itkin   

I had a very bad car accident where I sustained a severe whiplash injury causing severe neck and low back pain. After trying a multitude of therapists, I found Alexander. His attention to me were heart-warm and after the first session the pain had diminished significantly. Today I have absolutely no pain and continue to receive craniosacral therapy once per month. I feel energized and happy and would not live my life any other way.

Dr. Lana Gordon   

I am pleasantly surprised by the range of benefits I have received so far after only 2 sessions with Dr. Kaminsky. After the first session, not only was I more relaxed mentally, I also had more energy physically and less of the body aches and pains I normally suffer from daily. I also had a strong emotional release as memories from a past emotionally hurtful situation came up within a couple of days after my first session. For a whole week I felt that this emotional pain was being processed and released. About 3 weeks later, I was able to recall the situation that was once so painful, without a strong reaction to it, which tells me that I had processed these emotions which I had previously suppressed.

Brenda P   

About 3 years ago my son aged 10 had a bad fall in judo which resulted in a loud clicking with persistent and frequent migraines. At times the headaches were so bad my son was unable to perform his normal functions. We tried therapy and other doctor’s recommendations one after the other and for 3 years there was little to no improvement. An MRI showed no abnormalities on the neck discs and no obvious sign of any injury, save the neck clicking and persisting headaches. Finally after prayer God led us to Dr. Alex Kaminsky, whose cranial sacral therapy changed our son’s condition. After a few sessions the clicking changed form. There was no longer a sharp click but a dull grind. The treatment was working. The headaches began to become less frequent. After a few months of Dr. Alex Kaminsky’s treatment our son was fully ready to resume his training and his life, headache free.
We would like to thank Dr. Kaminsky for his keen attention to detail regarding our son’s injury. And even when other doctors and therapists could not identify the problem, Dr. Kaminsky persevered and successfully healed our son. We believe this treatment was the miracle we were hoping for.

Jesse Staab   

After suffering from neck pain and headaches for almost 3 years and trying several modalities, the stars aligned and I picked up Dr. Kaminsky's card at my neighborhood massage center. I've gotten back to life without pain and I'm so grateful. Dealing with chronic pain is an intense journey, and finding the right treatment with Dr. Kaminsky has given me a renewed sense of energy and healing in my body. Thank you!

Susan T.   

Since I have been treated by Dr. Kaminsky, I am feeling great! My sinuses are clear, I have more energy, I sleep better and I am able to walk up and down the steps with more strengh. I highly recommend craniosacral therapy with Dr. Kaminsky, a knowledeable, humble and gentle human being in service of good health for all.

Christine Bargellini   

Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful healing art that stimulates the bodies' cerebral fluid and innate healing ability. Dr. Alex Kaminsky is one of the most passionate, committed and gifted practitioners in this proven technique. He has helped me remove a decade worth of stress with a few of his gentle, hands-on sessions. You owe it to yourself.

Alex Lubarsky   

I have been going to Dr. Kaminsky for CranioSacral Therapy over that last 4 months now. I have been suffering with chronic pain for over 15 years that no physician has been able to diagnose or treat with any relief. The sessions with Dr. Kaminsky have produced profound healing strides in a subtle way that I never understood before this experience. The pain has lessened and I have learned techniques for healing myself with Dr. Kaminsky.!


I am 70 years old. Although healthy, my body felt like a growing collection of aches and pains with one constant: persistent head, neck and jaw pain, sometimes almost unbearable. In spite of my best efforts over the years, I had not been successful in obtaining any meaningful relief. I was starting to get the sinking realization that this was as good as it was going to get, and everything was going to be downhill from now on.

I truly believe that divine grace led me to Dr. Kaminsky. After only my third Craniosacral Therapy session with him, I felt virtually no pain at all. It was difficult for me to comprehend how this could be possible without chiropractic manipulation, massage or a TMJ appliance.

I felt that the day after my session was the first day of the rest of my life. I love the idea of my body healing from the inside out. And I feel immensely blessed and grateful to have such a knowledgeable and compassionate healer in my corner at this stage of my life!
Five Stars

Pam B.   

I suffer from chronic back pain. For the past 22 years I have been getting regular chiropractic adjustments. The pain never fully went away and I was often sore from the adjustment. I started seeing Dr Kaminsky for craniosacral therapy treatments earlier this year after my current chiropractor moved out of state. The difference is amazing. My pain is almost gone. I definitely recommend this treatment over getting adjustments.

J Tedesco   

Dr Alex Kaminsky is nothing less than a life saver. After being bedridden for a few days, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Kaminsky. After one treatment I was able to walk and even run. True miracle. He is an exceptional person and professional , who genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients. Strongly recommended.

Alex Shklar   

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