Craniosacral Therapy vs. Osteopathy

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Craniosacral Therapy vs. Osteopathy

Craniosacral Therapy comes from Osteopathy. The developer of Craniosacral Therapy, Dr. John Upledger was an Osteopath.

Osteopathy was created by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. at the end of the 1800’s. A few prominent Osteopaths have made significant contributions to the profession. Of them is Dr. William G. Sutherland, D.O. and Dr. John E. Upledger, D.O.

Dr. Sutherland’s contribution to the profession of Osteopathy parallels that of the practice of some ancient cultures, on what many consider the most important area of the body, the head.

Dr. Sutherland developed, “Cranial Osteopathy”. The implementation of Osteopathic principles on the cranium. He discovered the inherent mobility between the plates of bones at the sutures that comprise the cranial-bowl (head).

Dr. John E. Upledger expanded on Sutherland’s principles and created CranioSacral Therapy, a healing hands-on approach taught to over 100,000 practitioners worldwide since the mid 1980’s.

Dr. Alex Kaminsky is a Chiropractor who has studied both conventional Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute.

Dr. Alex Kaminsky has also studied the work of Dr. Major Bertrand DeJarnette, a Chiropractor and Osteopath who created Sacro-Occipital Techique (SOT) based on Chiropractic principles and the work of William Sutherland.

Dr. Alex Kaminsky is experienced in the art and philosophy of manipulation, manual therapy and other hands-on methodologies. All knowledge comes from one on one lessons and seminars from industry leaders.

Learning and implementing Craniosacral Therapy takes patience and practice. Check out Dr. Kaminsky’s Bio and Experience pages.

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