The field of chiropractic medicine is a young science compared to other alternative medicines. Founded in 1895, this field of medicine relies on the use of adjustment techniques to manipulate the spine and bring the body into balance. The Cox Technic was developed in the 1960s by Dr. James M. Cox, DC, and is just one of the many techniques used by chiropractors today. Originally termed, flexion-distraction, this technique is designed and employed to relief pain throughout the body; the back, neck, arms, and legs.

As with any field it is important to continue to grow and develop as the knowledge of the human body grows. This is exactly what Chiropractors, even Cox himself, have done with the Cox Technique. Since it showed up on the Chiropractic scene in the 1960s this method has been refined. In fact, the well known “Cox Table” was not a part of the original technique.

The Cox Table began being implemented after Cox’s own clinical experience led him to its development in the 1970s. Through this technique patients are able to experience relief of their pain along with a better quality of life. The table allows the practitioner to effectively administer flexion-distraction and decompression manipulation and adjustments during a session.

This technique is non-invasive, but hands-on spinal manipulation. The patient will lie on the table and the practitioner will make adjustments based on the patient’s needs. The table is utilized by moving portions, of table sections, along with the chiropractor applying light pressure, to encourage the adjustment rather than forceful motions by the chiropractor in NYC.

Any patient seeking relief from herniated, ruptured, or slipped disc may benefit from a session with a chiropractor that utilizes the Cox Technique. Patients with facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, and stenosis have also seen improvement in their symptoms through this chiropractic method. New research is showing patients with osteoarthritis and herniated discs may also benefit from this treatment.

The patient may need to undergo this treatment for a few visits before complete relief is found. The Cox Technique has been a tried and trusted chiropractic method for nearly 60 years. It is an evidenced based approach to spinal care and pain relief making it all the more trustworthy.