The Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) is a non-invasive diagnostic approach used by practitioners to discover energy imbalances in the body. CRA utilizes the foundations of acupuncture and chiropractic. To properly understand and appreciate this approach it is necessary to understand how the body and energy are interconnected. Energy flows through the body creating and sustaining homeostasis. When the flow is stopped or blocked homeostasis is lost which can result in a number of negative health outcomes.

When the practitioner, generally a chiropractor, seeks to discover an area of energy imbalance they will often use the CRA approach. The patient can expect to have the practitioner outstretch their arms and they will subtly push downward on the arm, holding above the wrist, while also touching specific reflex points. The muscle where the energy imbalance exists will exhibit a subtle shift in energy that is able to be detected during this testing method. At this point pressure points are used to aid in releasing the discovered blockages.

CRA allows the practitioner to uncover the cause of the health issue and provide focused treatment rather than attacking the symptoms alone. Once the body returns to homeostasis as a result of CRA it will be able to heal itself more efficiently.

The practitioner will also utilize nutrition and supplements to aid in the healing process. There are 75 reflex points, based on CRA teachings, on the body and these reflex points represent specific organs. These supplements are often used because CRA will point to potential nutrient needs within certain organs and gland systems.

There are many benefits to pairing CRA with traditional chiropractic medicine. Some research suggests that adding CRA in conjunction with chiropractic treatment leads to better outcomes than seeking chiropractic treatment alone.

This method of treatment is a great alternative for those who are tired of treating the symptoms of their ailments only to have them return. CRA allows the practitioner to uncover the root cause and provide a treatment based natural methods.