Scoliosis is a disorder that presents as a sideways curvature of the spine. The curves can take two different shapes; C or S shape. Idiopathic is the most common type of scoliosis and is usually diagnosed in children between the ages of 10 and 12. There is generally no known cause for scoliosis. Treatment for this disorder is determined on a case by case basis and can range from observation to braces or surgery. Chiropractic medicine can be an effective alternative to these more invasive or restrictive methods of treatment.

The Clear method was developed by CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and has been utilized in chiropractic medicine since 2000. The approach requires examination of 76 objective radiographic measurements and a patient specific scoliosis examination. There are two treatment plans; Standard Care and Intensive Care Treatment Plans. The difference between the two involves amount of time and frequency of visits. Standard Care is done over approximately 12 weeks with a few visits a week. Intensive Care requires traveling to a CLEAR Scoliosis Center where treatment is performed twice a day for one or two weeks.

The primary expected outcomes for a chiropractor to implement this protocol is to allow for motion in areas of the spine that are restricted, allow the patient to experience proprioception and balance, align the spine, and have the posture related motor sensory feedback loops retrained. The patient should expect to move through three phases of treatment; Mix, Fix, and Set. The Mix phase is preparing the body through patient specific exercise and massage. The Fix phase involves chiropractic adjustments and the Set phase requires the patient to implement exercises specific to balance, coordinating, and posture.

The patient can rest assured that their practicing chiropractor has been properly trained in this method of treatment. The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute requires any chiropractor utilizing this method to have trained with them and become certified through the Institute. Certification allows for the Clear Method procedure to remain at a high level with consistency across the practice. Scoliosis can be a scary diagnosis but treatment does not have to be intimidating or life altering.