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“Foremost, you must Listen to the patient.”

Dr. Kaminsky’s approach to the treatment needs of the patient has progressed, matured and evolved over the years.

Dr. Kaminsky delivers results….

As a doctor you must stay open minded, continue to read, continue to learn, continue to gain experience and most importantly… understand each individual’s healthcare needs.

Combining Experience with New techniques….

“Chiropractically, my job is to facilitate as much relief as possible in the shortest amount of visits. As a Craniosacral Therapy practitioner my job is to instill maximum healing, and optimal wellness.”

Chiropractic was, is, and always will be, Cheiros Prakikos, from the Greek word origin, “done by hand”.

Not all doctors are the same….

Chiropractic is about the practitioners correct and specific laying of the hands on the head, neck or spine of the patient. The physical skill applied to the patient is everything.

Come one, come all….

Dr. Kaminsky treats a variety of people from babies to the elderly with a multitude of presentations. In the last few years his practice is receiving attention of medical doctors whom are referring patients suffering with Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches, Post-Concussion Syndrome, TMJ, Scoliosis, chronic pain and more.

This is important to understand….

Your head movement is controlled by your neck muscles, in their natural relaxed state they are soft to the touch. Cranial misalignment, spinal subluxation, neck spasm, muscle tension, stress or prior unresolved neck injury or head trauma can cause a headache, TMJ dysfunction, shoulder pain, sciatica, neck and back pain, scoliosis. And other musculoskeletal conditions.

The profession of Chiropractic commenced in 1895, with Daniel David Palmer. However the growth and development is attributed to his son, B.J. Palmer. Chiropractic works, and has withstood the test of time.

Historically, those suffering with neck and or low back pain have seek’d out chiropractic care. There are many Chiropractic techniques and the treatment approach is individual to each chiropractor.

Results are achievable….

Dr. Kaminsky utilizes conventional Chiropractic techniques and also offers the option of no-cracking chiropractic. Dr. Kaminsky after years of treating patients, developed soft and gentle spinal manual methods that achieve the same results without the cracking.

The methods implemented by Dr. Kaminsky involve soft, gentle manipulation of the spine while the patient is relaxed and resting, usually lying on their back.

You can Trust Dr. Kaminsky….

Those skeptical, apprehensive or just scared of chiropractic, need not be. Dr. Kaminsky explains everything and make’s sure you are comfortable and ready to receive the care. The approach is slow, patient and always with the best interest of the patient in mind; with therapeutic intention.

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