The Chinese culture refer to the essence of life as Qi or energy. The practice of Chi Gong (Qigong) is focused on enhancing the Qi. In fact, when translated it means to enhance or cultivate the energetic essence of the human. It has its roots in the most ancient healing practices of Asia’s past and are at the basis of contemporary Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The practice of Chi Gong consists of three primary exercises that involve corrected body posture and movement, meditation, and breathing practices which when they are combined will enhance the Qi. Trained medical therapists in the practice of Chi Gong focus on the “external Chi Gong” where the “emitted Qi” is used to promote healing in the body.

When the body posture is correct energy flow is unblocked and able to flow at its full capacity which allows the body to work at its optimal level. Balance in this area will results in an increase in stamina, improved immune system, and even better overall health and wellness. In much the same way as posture, proper breathing is important to balance and well-being. Wrong breathing techniques are learned throughout life and focused re-learning has to be intentional. The third foundation involves the mind being brought into optimal balance through meditation, mindfulness, and focused breathing.

The individual practicing Chi Gong should expect to see benefits in overall wellbeing as it relates to mental health and wellbeing such as an increase in focus, clarity, and reduced stress. There are direct physical improvements that have been seen through the practice of Chi Gong as well. The muscles are strengthened and loosened simultaneously without the strain and effort of traditional exercises. This allows the Qi to flow freely. There are techniques within the practice of Chi Gong that will strengthen the organs as well. The liver, lungs, and heart are three main organs that can benefit from the practice of Chi Gong. The nervous system is an important aspect of balance and free flowing energy in the body. Chi Gong is able to strengthen this system which allows the energy to continue to flow and relieve stress.