In sanscrit the word Chakra means “wheel” and when used in Ayruvedic medicine, yoga, or medication it is understood to be the wheels of energy that is present throughout the body. Chakras first appeared in the Vedas between 1500 and 500 BC. This system of healing was passed down by oral tradition through Indo-European descendants of the Aryan people. While originally an Eastern philosophy of wholistic healing and balance, Chakra has become a New Age and complementary medicine in Western Culture.

There are seven primary Chakras run the length of the spine and they are responsible for aligning the spine. There could be as many as 114 Chakras through the rest of the body, depending of which energy method you follow. One Chakra can impact the physical, mental, and emotional health of the individual with the imbalance. The seven Chakras are divided into three categories based on their primary function. The first three Chakras are known as the Chakras of Matter and focus on the physical. The final three are the Chakras of Spirit and are rooted in spiritual connection and intuition. The fourth Chakra is in a category on its own and is connects the Chakras of Matter and Chakras of Spirit.

Why do the Chakras need to be balanced and what indicates they are unbalanced? Imbalanced in the Chakras can be hard to recognize. The energy from the Chakras moves through channels int eh body and when there is a blockage in a channel an imbalance ensues. Some indicators of imbalance include chronic headaches, constipation, or ongoing sore throat as well as fatigue. Chakras can also be overactive resulting is excessive flow of energy out of an energy field.

Balancing Chakras is intended for those who desire to increase their energy when no other method seems to work, develop desired positive traits, awaken inner intelligence, help break negative behaviors, let go of past emotional hurts, and become more at ease. Chakras can be balanced through Reiki, craniosacral therapy, or Pranic Healing. Simpler methods include breath work, exercises of the mind, and hands on healing.