Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is the clear fluid that is produced in the brain and also housed within the brain and spinal cord to keep it safe and cushioned. One of the primary functions of this fluid is to deliver nutrients to the central nervous system and is replenished entirely every few hours. Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique (CSFT) is a chiropractic and therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Don Glassey who refers to CSF as “the fluid of life.”

Glassey’s technique is founded on his belief that CSF connects neuron, meridians, and chakra energy and therefore significantly effects all the body’s energy systems. CSF stasis is the stalling of CSF flow through the body. CSFT enables CSF to flow properly through the body.

Patients who undergo CSFT should expect to feel balanced after a session. A sense of calm and relaxation is a common outcome experienced by many individuals who receive CSFT and is exactly what keeps them feeling well. When CSF flow is restored to its original and intended rate throughout the body the recipient of this therapy should expect to regain energy, clarity, and numerous positive health outcomes.

During a session the practitioner will examine the patient for blockages of CSF flow within the body. The practitioner will palpitate each vertebral level from the coccyx to the cranium in order to release CSF into the body. This process is gentle and relaxing unlike traditional adjustments. The practitioner will apply both chiropractic techniques and massage techniques to make the needed adjustments.

The flow of CSF is essential to optimal health and brain function. There are many substances that are essential for the brain but do not enter through the blood but rather through CSF. The lymphatic system, primarily responsible for the body’s immune system, is drained by the flow of CSF. Chiropractors and other practitioners of CSFT are able to give relief to a host of individuals who may have struggled with chronic pain or illness as a results of restricted flow of CSF unknowingly.