Cranial Adjusting Turner Style, otherwise known as C.A.T.S. Technique, is a cranial adjusting technique developed by Canadian Chiropractor, Dr. Roger Turner. C.A.T.S. Technique has been used since 1986 by Dr. Turner and his brother, Dr. Allen Turner. However, virtually no one else in the field used the technique until 2003.

This adjustment technique is based on the simple notion that when a cranial bone is not in its proper place it results in neurological dysfunction. By manipulating it back where it goes through adjustment by a Chiropractor those issues are reversed. C.A.T.S. utilizes electronic calipers for adjusting the cranial bones during a session. A more firm, high energy, technique is used as opposed to the lighter touch of other cranial adjusting technique.

Patients with chronic headaches and migraines who have not experienced relief with cervical adjustments have seen positive outcomes with the C.A.T.S. Technique. Other ailments and conditions often treated with this form of chiropractic adjustment include head injuries, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., O.D.D., P.D.D., O.C.D., autism, Downs Syndrome, epilepsy, and behavioral and learning issues.

Expected outcomes from undergoing Cranial Adjusting Turner Style of treatment is not limited to improved verbal communication, elimination of chronic headaches, improved energy, diminished brain fog, improvement in vision and hearing, and better reading comprehension among children. All these benefits arise from the fact that subluxations in the cranium lead to a decreased flow of cerebral spinal fluid, blood, and oxygen to the brain.

The outcome of a C.A.T.S. adjustment is immediate and remarkable. While there are three levels of C.A.T.S. techniques, Level I contains 86 possible adjustments based on the fact that there are 22 bones that can move in 6 different directions. Above the atlas subluxations can result in lifelong pain, emotional distress, cognitive impairment, mental concerns, and generally poor quality of life.

Simple cranial adjustments can make a major impact in these issues and every chiropractor should make themselves  aware of the benefits of such treatment. Chiropractors who have undergone a C.A.T.S. workshop and begun implementing this procedure in their practice say they have seen the best and most long lasting results when treating physical, mental, and neurological conditions among their patients when using this method.