The Body Integration Method was developed by Doctor Rene Thomas Espy, D.C. out of a desire to help patients identify the cause of their symptoms all the while knowing the body had the answers and could reveal these answers under the right circumstances. This method is a diagnostic healthcare procedure which leads to diagnosis and treatment that enables the body to disclose underlying causes.

Through this method the body is able to both reveal the cause of underlying symptoms as well as guide the practitioner in developing the proper course of action for treatment. The patient should expect to have an in-depth diagnostic workup, consultation, provide a thorough history, and undergo an examination.

The muscular system provides the body with more than just strength. There are 650 muscles in the body and aid the body in just about every function from walking, to eating, to circulating blood and other substances within the body. The Body Integration Method is primarily focused on the proper functioning of this system as it relies heavily on just about every other system to work properly; the glandular system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system and other systems.

The muscular system can be thrown off by these other systems due to their connection through electrical properties. When there is an issue in the muscular system it shows through many symptoms and is ultimately a result of stress. When the body is unable to deal with or adapt to stress diagnosing errors in the muscular system is a must.

The patient utilizing this method should expect to incorporate a therapeutic diet that has been tailored to specifically the patient’s unique needs. This method of diagnosis should be any patient’s go to when dealing with chronic issues where a cause has not been established. Ongoing health issues do not have to be commonplace and the body is waiting to communicate what has gone awry and how to bring it back into balance.