This chiropractic technique was developed by Chiropractor M.T. Morder, Jr. in the mid-1970s. It is a non-forceful technique which seeks to remove nervous system interference in the body to achieve balance between all the systems of the body. This technique is hands-on and energy balancing that seeks to reestablish the body’s ability to heal within itself.

The patient undergoing this chiropractic technique should expect to experience relief of their health concerns ranging from physical, nutritional or emotional stresses. When unresolved subconscious issues are not corrected the whole body is affected by way of short-circuited neurological complications. These issues manifest themselves in the individual experiencing tight muscles, emotional stress, depressive disorders, and dysfunction of many organs or glands.

A routine Bio-Energetic Synchronization appointment will include the practitioner making contact with points around the head and body to apply pressure to specific pressure points. These points are touched in a specific sequence and the patient is prompted to think back to certain stresses. The goal is to make connection between the nervous system and subconscious memory. Bio-Energetic Synchronization is focused on treating the cause rather than the symptoms of emotional and physical health issues. By treating the cause the body is able to begin fighting and preventing future issues on its own. One study comparing Bio-Energetic Synchronization technique and traditional chiropractic care to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain showed improvement in both groups. This, along with other research, confirms that Bio-Energetic Synchronization can be just as effective without invasive manipulation and long term follow up care as with traditional chiropractic treatments.

It is recommended that once the patient’s health goals have been met and overall balance has been restored that they continue to take certain preventative steps. These steps include an annual spinal adjustment, urine and saliva pH check, balanced dietary intake as well as dietary supplements. The beauty of Bio-Energetic Synchronization is grounded in the fact that the patient can experience relief, find balance to allow their body to heal future issues, and avoid extensive and invasive procedures that treat only symptoms.