The head is made up of twenty-two bones and these bones, opposed to common belief, move. This movement, which occurs at a rate of around 10-14 waves each minute, plays a significant role in the health of each individual. The Brio Cranial Technique was developed out of this fact in the early twentieth century. After Dr. William G. Sutherland discovered that the cranial bones could move he began researching all that this fact would mean for health. In 1906 it is believed that Chiropractor Willard Carver used the technique of manipulating the cranial bones to treat hydrocephalus.

This effectiveness of this technique comes from its action of releasing cerebrospinal fluid that has been constricted through various injuries causing the sutures of the brain to become restrictive. Cerebrospinal fluid is important in the body as it is a shock absorber within the brain. When this fluid is off balance other a variety of health issues throughout the body can occur. This also leads to the body attempting to overcompensate for this imbalance resulting in subluxations of the spine, as well as jaw and head issues.

The intended application of the Bio Cranial Technique is to restore the body’s ability to heal and repair itself. Because of this there are no specific conditions or ailments that are treated using this method, but rather the whole body. Patient’s seeking relief of both acute and chronic health conditions may obtain this treatment with a goal of aiding the body in healing itself in hopes that the body can heal the ailment. Essentially, the treatment does not cure the problem, it makes it so that the body can do so itself.

During a treatment appointment the patient can expect to lie down and have the bones of the skull “adjusted.” They will experience some pressure and manipulation but no rapid movements as are commonly associated with normal chiropractic appointment. This technique is hands-on and only takes a few minutes but may provide immediate relief of symptoms to patients. A sense of relaxation is also common among patients who have undergone this treatment as it may reverse the individual’s chronic state of stress. Whatever the issue may be, Bio Cranial Technique should be considered as a form of treatment.