The theory that the primary area for misalignment or subluxation occurs in the upper cervical region or cranio-cervical junction is based of adherence to a nearly 80 year empirical observation. Because of this much interest and research in the chiropractic field has been placed on methods to correct these misalignments in an attempt to provide proper healing and balance to the body. This focus has been successful and the Atlas Specific method is a great example of a beneficial adjustment method to arise from this focus.

The atlas in the top vertebrae, C1, where the occipital bone at the back of the neck contacts the spine. The name was given to this bone based on its functional resemblance to the Greek god, Atlas, who held the world on his shoulders. Doctor Wernsing developed the Atlas Specific theory in 1934 after originating the atlas plane line.

Upper cervical techniques (UTC) are primarily based on the Atlas Specific theory. These methods view the atlas plane as a line that requires balance and have this as their foundation. The idea is that the head sits squarely on the shoulders and spine allowing for proper balance in the body and preventing unnecessary aches and pains along with health complications that many are not aware may be caused from an imbalance in the atlas or upper cervical area.

Some beneficial health outcomes of the Atlas Specific method include reducing neck pain and upper extremity paresthesia, resolving hot flashes, and improved stability. Other patients being treated using the Atlas Specific method have seen benefits ranging from blood pressure regulation, autoimmune disorder remission, decrease in epilepsy and seizures, and multiple sclerosis control. Benefits are generally This method of chiropractic adjustment is a safe and painless adjustment process which boasts in bringing the body’s natural healing processes back to full capacity.