Throughout life the body undergoes injuries and normal wear and tear. These normal injuries lead to the body compensating in ways that are effective but can be further damaging over time. Developed by chiropractor Jesse J. Jutkowitz to correct spinal structure and function, Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC), is intended to relieve pain and improve posture associated with these injuries and compensations. Jutkowitz developed this method with the idea that poor posture that is caused by anterior displacement of vertebrae causes misalignments. These misalignments result in the spinal cord being injured by ongoing stretching of the meninges.

The term BioStructural comes from the term “bio” meaning life and structure, life structure, better known as the human body. This process diagnosis and treats misalignments. The practitioner will use specific adjustments of the spine, pelvis, and extremities along with meningeal release stretches. The process is quick and requires the practitioner to make only a few adjustments each visit to properly achieve the desired effect.

The body may be able to correct some spinal misalignments on its own. However, subluxations, where the bone slips forward where the joint is located, the body cannot self-correct. Because the body cannot self-correct these misalignments it begins to force other joints above and below it out of alignment.

Advanced BioStructural Correction works by essentially unwinding the body resulting in improved posture, better balance, decreased pain, movement improvements, and fuller breath. Brain fog and other neurological conditions have also been shown to improve with treatment using ABC’s techniques. With results like these one might be tempted to think that an extensive treatment regimen would be required. Through just a few adjustments the patient will achieve the desired results.

The practitioner will make adjustments on areas where the body is not able to correct itself. This form of treatment is expected to result in sustained improvement though some patients may experience some mild reoccurrence of symptoms. The overall goal is to eliminate the mechanical stress on the body being caused by skeletal, muscular, and tissue structures.