There are a variety of ways for a chiropractor to make adjustments to the spine and body. Daniel David Palmer developed chiropractic medicine in 1895 by adjusting a janitor allowing him to regain his hearing. Since that day the field has grown to over 70,000 active chiropractors in the United States. A major part of the growth of this field of medicine has been the advances in adjustment techniques. The Activator Method is the primary adjustment technique which utilizes instruments rather than the chiropractor’s hands.

This method is intended to be a gentle and low-force way to perform chiropractic care. It is ideal for those needing spinal adjustment but prefer or need an effective yet tender process. Patients interested in the Activator Method should not be concerned with its effectiveness as it has been studied in over 23 clinical trials. As with any chiropractic adjustment the purpose is to achieve a state of balance where the body is able to begin healing itself.

Because of its low-force nature the Activator Method can be used on patients of any age and frailty. Infants to elderly have seen significant benefits from this form of adjustment. During a visit one can expect for the chiropractor to analyze leg length, look for spinal joint dysfunction, assess neurological reflexes, evaluate for any mechanics issues of the body. The adjustment process using the hand-held instrument provides a precise, gentle, controlled, and quick thrust. Because this process is done so rapidly the muscles in the body do not have as much time to resist as with normal adjustments. This allows the adjustment to be that much more accurate and successful.

Many benefits are expected and experienced with using this adjustment technique. The Activator Method is ideal for children who may have issues with staying still or laying down during an adjustment visit. Elderly patients with bone-weakening or joint conditions such as arthritis have great results without additional pain or discomfort from traditional adjustments. Some common expected outcomes with the use of the Activator Method include relief of chronic headaches, fibromyalgia pain, neck pain, muscle spasm, joint and lower back pain or issues.

Whatever age or state of health the Activator Method has the time and trials to back up its exceptional reputation. Patients can expect a fast and low impact method of treatment that will leave them feeling balanced and refreshed after their treatment process is complete.